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5th December 2010


stages of paper-writing

Adapted from the Kübler-Ross model.

  1. Denial. “I don’t need to start now. It’s not due for a few weeks!”
  2. Anger. “Why do I need to write THIS STUPID PAPER‽‽‽‽‽” (yes, I just used five interrobangs)
  3. Bargaining. “Ok, I’ll just watch this one show, then I’ll get to work. Then I’ll take another break later…. Oooh, I didn’t know we had Fudge Rounds in the house. Maybe I’ll reward myself with one per page…”
  4. Depression. “I’ve seriously written three pages only on one tiny aspect of this paper? I really haven’t cited any of my sources yet? I haven’t even put a dent in this thing! IS THIS GOING TO BE FOREVER? <insert bawling here>”
  5. Acceptance. “Ok. I don’t have much time left. Just need to grin-and-bear it. … What does that phrase actually mean, anyway? Oh, hello there Wikipedia…”

As you can see, it is a cycle of futility. I mean, do you know how much time I just wasted on this post when I should be working on a paper?

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