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14th August 2010


a briefish update

I tend not to post regularly when my life is irregular. ‘Tis a fact of nature. I could’ve been more disciplined this summer, but I wasn’t. Live and learn.

The summer progresses, and nothing is in stone yet. We are still short of the money needed for me to start this semester. The University of Toronto handles all the billing, and they charge the entire year’s tuition up front, unlike any US college I’ve ever heard of. This is not conducive to a happy life. We are still praying, and we are extremely grateful for what we have so far. Everything is just one big question mark.

Despite this, I went ahead and registered for courses, which blew my mind. I’ve registered for courses before, obviously, but this time it really hit home. “I’m almost done with my accursed academic journey.” So, if things align, I will be starting my doctoral journey with Readings in Augustine, Divine Oracles: Exegesis in the Early Church, and Athanasius. The fact that I’m finally in a place where I can register for such ridiculously awesome courses also blew my mind.

So, if you like details, here they are:

  • We are around $3000 short.
  • Cherith has not yet found a job in Toronto.
  • I’m going to start the semester by commuting, assuming I can start.
  • I have gainful employment at one of the theological libraries in Toronto for less than 10 hours per week for the first term.

God is still faithful to us, even when we can’t see it. He’s at least more faithful than we are.

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